Prejudice contd……..

As I was saying……yes she is my new friend .In the beginning of college ….I still remember the first impression that I had of her…a very self-centered person who HATES to smile at people EVEN if we smile at her……and a nerd(this was the ONLY good thing that I had to say of her me myself being a nerd 😉 ).And then came freshers’ day and I realized that she is funny….but still I kind of kept a distance from her….she was the last person I wanted to make fun of.

on august 19th 2010, that is, onam celebrations day,it turned out that we both were the only ones in our class who did not wear a sari 🙂 and I was talking to someone about a video in Facebook and suddenly  this girl and I  started talking about how much we loved Facebook….. and I was like “boy she is so not like what I thought she is !!” and as we were talking Beena ma’am called her to help her in the elysium and later when we went to the elysium, …there she was running here and there and I felt sorry for her(she is fasting you know…) so I offered to give her company…….. and ever since we’ve been friends…..!!!!

and let me tell you …if she doesn’t smile at you it is probably because she is busy thinking about something or talking to herself IN HER MIND  :P…..if you wanna talk to her and you see her with a book….don’t get discouraged just go sit next to her shake her out of the book and start talking….she will continue the conversation from there……. I’m glad that I found a new SPECIAL friend in Amina and right now I pray that god almighty keeps her safe tomorrow during her 4 hr journey ……… 🙂

– Amen.



I don’t think i will ever learn from my previous mistakes.I always turn out to be friends with people whom I disliked in the beginning…….the latest person whom I have made a friend is Amina Abdurazak.