A mere flower

As I look up to the skies,

I see beautiful birds and sigh;

For I can’t fly.


As I look around me,

I see animals dashing and sigh;

for I can’t run.


I feel ,to be still is boring.

with great sorrow ,

I turn to my creator;

“why couldn’t you give me wings?

why couldn’t you give me feet?

I wanna fly….

I wanna run….”

I complained to him….


Then one fine day

He tells me:

“They may have wings,

Or they may have feet…

But they don’t bloom

As you do……


The fragrance that seduces men

Belongs to you and only you…….

The colours of the rainbow

That you proudly possess,they don’t…”


To this I have no reply;

I’ve been humbled…

And I thank him for making me accept myself

As what I am – A mere flower.


set me free….

where are you??
I’ ve been waiting for so long
but there is no sign of you
I can’t wait any longer
I ‘ve tried to go on,
making myself believe
that all is good;
that everything is fine…..
but it’s not.

this place is driving me insane
with rules and regulations
that they think “brilliant”
they think I’m afraid,vulnerable
but I’m not….i’m angry.

in moments like these
the only thing that keeps my cool
is the fact that
one of these days,
you’re gonna take me in your arms
and rescue me
from this crazy place
you’re gonna come…..

you’re the only one
who knows me,
you’re the only one
who’s seen my soul,
but,where ARE you??
I can’t wait to go away,
to leave all this behind,
to start all over….
so please do come!!
please do come….
and set me free.

My wish-MATURITY(or height…!!!)

think this is me.....

If there is one wish,just ONE….that I could ask from God….. it would be to give me a little bit of maturity.Now,when I say “maturity”,what do I mean?? simply the one thing that will stop people from treating me like a kid!! I know that if people are to treat me like an adult,I am to act like one; sure,I agree with that…but  in my case even if I WERE to act like one, people would not accept(or apccet in my little brother’s language.. 😉 ), that I AM an adult.I owe THAT to my height(which is nothing less than 4 ft 7 inch)….Do you know what the first thing that I was told(don’t take me wrong,my senior meant no harm…) was that  “my” school was in the other building….. I had to kindly inform her that I am not a school student but a college student.see what i mean??people treat me like a kid….and it is making me sick….but I can see no escape from this in my life time…….

so next time you see a shooting star just inform me…..don’t wanna miss that one!!!Oh!! gotta go….”I think I taw shooting taar…..yes..I did!!I did!!” 🙂