My wish-MATURITY(or height…!!!)

think this is me.....

If there is one wish,just ONE….that I could ask from God….. it would be to give me a little bit of maturity.Now,when I say “maturity”,what do I mean?? simply the one thing that will stop people from treating me like a kid!! I know that if people are to treat me like an adult,I am to act like one; sure,I agree with that…but  in my case even if I WERE to act like one, people would not accept(or apccet in my little brother’s language.. 😉 ), that I AM an adult.I owe THAT to my height(which is nothing less than 4 ft 7 inch)….Do you know what the first thing that I was told(don’t take me wrong,my senior meant no harm…) was that  “my” school was in the other building….. I had to kindly inform her that I am not a school student but a college student.see what i mean??people treat me like a kid….and it is making me sick….but I can see no escape from this in my life time…….

so next time you see a shooting star just inform me…..don’t wanna miss that one!!!Oh!! gotta go….”I think I taw shooting taar…..yes..I did!!I did!!” 🙂



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