How a book(or books) turned out to be my “shrink”.


a girl reading a book(like me). 🙂

When I was in 9th grade I was the laughing-stock of the class.that was one hell of a year …I tried so PATHETICALLY to be accepted as a part of the class and failed.As a part of trying to make myself accepted, I used to tease the two girls who sat in the front bench for reading books – while SECRETLY even I enjoyed reading them.Then towards the end of the year I slowly started accepting that if people can’t accept you the way you are….,then HELL with them.

Once the realization settled in I started reading books openly and publicly.Oh yes I was victimized once or twice once I started reading books but when they realized that their bullying is not having any effect on me, they stopped. Ever since then I have never ever hidden my love for books.

One of the main reasons that I love books is because I get to know life experiences of many people (whether fictional or real) .But the main reason that I like about books is that you are able to travel around the world at the expense of the characters in the books.This was one characteristic of books that helped me through 9th and 10th grades.

Actually if you think about it you can say that books acted as a sort of shrink for me. ;D


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