RoseMary – The Pirate(not!!).

So… there is one person from my class that I have not mentioned yet.I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T MENTION HER AT ALL!!!! :O (screw me Rose….forgive know exactly how an ass I am at times… 😉 )Her name is RoseMary Alexander; short name Rose.Oh…. by the way,it is very easy to make her blush!!!

She the is one person to whom I first turn to when I have a problem.Of all the fun that I had with her, the time that I will treasure the most was the Teresian week…that one week I went to college ONLY because of her…and oh! how we bunked the last day of Teresian week morning session to buy a purse for one of my friend’s sister….dear God in heaven!!! SHE ROCKS!!!!But people beware…when she is angry you seriously don’t wanna mess with her…. she can bring tears in your eyes!! :-$

I really thank God for giving me an opportunity to be her friend(though I don’t deserve such kindness). Our taste of books are the exact opposite; if i like romance she HATES romance to quote her ” I like the sort of books which bothers me for days after reading them; i can’t stand mushy stuff.” She does NOT like The Twilight Saga (especially Edward Cullen!!!).Her favourite book is The Memoirs of a Geisha.She is very matured by the way.Can you believe that she gets tired while eating (:O) ??

Next year she will go to NUALS (God willing), as she aspires to become a lawyer.So if you actually think about it…i’ve just got a few more months with her!! 😦 (But people, there is one thing that you should know about her;it is that she is ….a PIRATE!!! HE HE HE!!! ARR!!! 😉

RoseMary – The Pirate!!!! he he he!!! lol!! :))

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