My Heaven

I just realized that you don’t have to be a millionaire with all the luxuries of the world to feel like you’re in Heaven. Some of the simple gifts that life bestows on you is more than enough for a person to be in heaven. As for me, I am a person who finds heaven in a steaming cup of coffee, in a plate of  Pasta, in the front(or the last !! 🙂 ) bench of my literature class-room, in a beautiful song, in my family of five ….. Ah!! Basically you get the idea….

my idea of heaven 😉

Cruella de Vil ;)

You know the list of things that Christians claim to believe in, in The Apostles’ Creed right?Well I would like to add one more thing to that list: I believe that all matrons are living incarnations of the famous “Cruella de Vil”. All these years I used to think that this was just my personal view based on my experiences with them; that this is purely subjective; but my conversation with Amina, just a few hours ago, confirmed it.

Cruella de Vil 😀

This afternoon when I got on-line, the first thing I saw was this wall post on face book from Amina. The first thought to cross my mind was: “how come she’s on-line?” this is because she is staying in the college hostel and she gets to go on-line rarely. So I call her up, and she tells me that she’s staying at Najla’s uncle’s place,because her matron – let’s call her Cruella de Vil (nice !! 🙂 ) – Asked Najla and her to leave the hostel for the day; because they said that they cannot go to Arthungal church (it is a very famous basilica in Kerala, named after St. Sebastian.) along with the others.Cruella knew that Najla and Amina can’t go to any church because it is against their religion, and mind you, this is not the first time that she is doing this to them.

So apparently, our good lord in heaven has created this particular species with a hint of cruelty in their gene. So will the lord instruct St. Peter not to let me inside the gates of heaven for writing this? Nah!! If there is one reason I SHOULD be let in, It is this. ;D

Oh!! did I forget to mention that THE  “Cruella” in question is a Nun?? :D. Ooh …. i can totally picture both of them singing that song!! ha ha ha!!!

Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil
If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will
To see her is to take a sudden chill
Cruella, Cruella De Vil



This is just a dream …

My first night out there

this is just a dream

In the big, wide   world all alone

I hug my teddy bear tightly

And I tell myself: “This is just a dream.”



“Dad and Mom are there in the next room.”

I reassured myself…

“Dad…?” I call out to him

But there is no sign of him…..



And as the matron comes in

I pretend I’m asleep….

And all this while I’m telling myself

“This is just a dream.”



“Tomorrow, when you wake up,

They’re going to be there,

Smiling at you…as usual …

No… This is just a dream.”

* * * * * * *



Now years later,

I find people telling me

That I should be “grateful”.

What for?



For that sleepless night

When I tried (without any success)

To assure myself

“This is just a dream.”?



For all those years

I was left to my own devices?

You were not there for me

When I needed you … so why bother now?



Things happen for a reason,

Yes, I know!!

So let me figure that out

By myself … I do NOT need your help or pity.

Unheard Voices…

Have you ever bothered,

To listen to the many voices around you??

Or are you one of them who heard them…

But never listened??


Think of all the voices

That would not have died out….

Had you listened.

The voices that could have been yours….


How long can we go on

ignoring the skeletons poking out?

How long can we shut our ears and eyes

And assure ourselves that we are in Utopia??


Think of all the voices

That would not have died out….

Had you listened.

The voices that could have been yours….


Just keep in mind while you go on with your life,

These voices will come back to you one day…

With such energy and revenge,

For all the ignorance and inaction….

Oh!! you will wish you’d rather die!!


Think of all the voices

That would not have died out….

Had you listened…

The voices that could have been yours….

Forever Young…. :D


forever young!!! 😀

Do you know that being an adult is not a big deal? That there is not much of a difference between how you felt when you were 13 and when you are 20? It was months ago, while reading Cecilia Ahern’s Rosie Dunne that this thought came across my mind…. and I observed that this is ABSOLUTELY true.I mean  I still remember the kind of impression I had about a 20 yr old myself and now that I’m NEARING 20… I don’t find much of a difference in me.


Good God in heaven!! when will I EVER have the privilege to hear my parents tell me : ” honey….we’re so proud of you!!!” instead of the usual ” OH!! when will you grow up and act more mature?” ( wish I knew an answer for this question myself!!! ) ;D

13 or 40... you'll be the same!!!



It’s a wild world

oh baby, it's a wild world!!! 😀

I was not a person who used to read many romantic novels.But once I joined college, I find myself reading TOO many of them.And you know what I think, despite the fact that I LOVE them ?? They are not very good for your self esteem.Think about it… all these romantic novels’ female protagonists ( and  the male protagonists,but…ahem, no complaints there!! 🙂 )are EITHER beautiful OR their character is extraordinary.And these female protagonists end up getting the best husbands a person can ever get!!! seriously,this is irritating!!!!

What these books indirectly tell us, is pretty simple : blessed are the girls who are beautiful and /or well-mannered :for theirs is THE perfect husband. So what about the oh-not-so beautiful-and-mannered girls??!!well looks like they are destined to be spinsters for the rest of their lives. (and so am I).

Despite these glaring-on-your-face-and NOT-so hidden message that these books try to convey us, we LOVE these books, unless they are total crap.Sheesh!! I KNEW these words are so true!!!

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– Stevens Cat.