It’s a wild world

oh baby, it's a wild world!!! 😀

I was not a person who used to read many romantic novels.But once I joined college, I find myself reading TOO many of them.And you know what I think, despite the fact that I LOVE them ?? They are not very good for your self esteem.Think about it… all these romantic novels’ female protagonists ( and  the male protagonists,but…ahem, no complaints there!! 🙂 )are EITHER beautiful OR their character is extraordinary.And these female protagonists end up getting the best husbands a person can ever get!!! seriously,this is irritating!!!!

What these books indirectly tell us, is pretty simple : blessed are the girls who are beautiful and /or well-mannered :for theirs is THE perfect husband. So what about the oh-not-so beautiful-and-mannered girls??!!well looks like they are destined to be spinsters for the rest of their lives. (and so am I).

Despite these glaring-on-your-face-and NOT-so hidden message that these books try to convey us, we LOVE these books, unless they are total crap.Sheesh!! I KNEW these words are so true!!!

[…] oh baby baby it’s a wild world

its hard to get by just a smile

oh baby baby its a wild world […]

– Stevens Cat.


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