Forever Young…. :D


forever young!!! 😀

Do you know that being an adult is not a big deal? That there is not much of a difference between how you felt when you were 13 and when you are 20? It was months ago, while reading Cecilia Ahern’s Rosie Dunne that this thought came across my mind…. and I observed that this is ABSOLUTELY true.I mean  I still remember the kind of impression I had about a 20 yr old myself and now that I’m NEARING 20… I don’t find much of a difference in me.


Good God in heaven!! when will I EVER have the privilege to hear my parents tell me : ” honey….we’re so proud of you!!!” instead of the usual ” OH!! when will you grow up and act more mature?” ( wish I knew an answer for this question myself!!! ) ;D

13 or 40... you'll be the same!!!




So... what do you think?

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