This is just a dream …

My first night out there

this is just a dream

In the big, wide   world all alone

I hug my teddy bear tightly

And I tell myself: “This is just a dream.”



“Dad and Mom are there in the next room.”

I reassured myself…

“Dad…?” I call out to him

But there is no sign of him…..



And as the matron comes in

I pretend I’m asleep….

And all this while I’m telling myself

“This is just a dream.”



“Tomorrow, when you wake up,

They’re going to be there,

Smiling at you…as usual …

No… This is just a dream.”

* * * * * * *



Now years later,

I find people telling me

That I should be “grateful”.

What for?



For that sleepless night

When I tried (without any success)

To assure myself

“This is just a dream.”?



For all those years

I was left to my own devices?

You were not there for me

When I needed you … so why bother now?



Things happen for a reason,

Yes, I know!!

So let me figure that out

By myself … I do NOT need your help or pity.


5 thoughts on “This is just a dream …”

  1. awwww…gosh..i dunno what to say..=’) ='(
    i’d rate it 10/10!!
    and does it have anythin to do with you bein in the hostel when you were a kid?

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