Vote for… ???

whom to vote for .... ?

Elections are  to be held on this April 13th and I get to cast my FIRST vote ever. The funny thing is really don’t know whom to vote for…I mean, which ever party gets my vote or actually speaking gets on power… it is not going to make a big difference. All the representatives coming to power will be people who are old enough to be my grandparents (or ACTUALLY, great-grand parents!!). And there is one thing that I’m completely confident about all these to-be ministers, there will never be any want for the scandals created by them.


The present government has started repairing all the damaged roads, and I think, what better example for the famous proverb “Better Late; than Never.”. ah.. who cares?? As far as I’m concerned ‘s all a matter of “inky pinky ponky” and the vote goes for the lucky grand pa… bah!! Humbug!!


I better learn the lyrics properly before 13th of April… 😀


Inky pinky ponky,

yeah right !!!!

Daddy had a donkey,

Donkey died, daddy cried,

Inky pinky ponky. 😉


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