Monalisa Smile and My Teachers …

Last Thursday, our first main prose teacher gave us an assignment; nothing fancy but, a film review. After a long debate, I decided to write about ONE of my favourite moviesMonalisa Smile, starring Julia Roberts.

a good teacher ...

Throughout the movie, we find that Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), the teacher of History of Arts, is urging her students to think BEYOND the society. She discouraged her married student to put an end to her education; she says that a woman should not limit herself to the duties that the society has thrust upon her, but should pursue her dreams along with the duties.

The movie also portrays the influence that a teacher has on their students. I am doing my Bachelor in a women’s college, and let me say this much: ALL my teachers’ ve  had their own way of influencing me… I don’t know if this because of the broadness of my subject…but they do manage to do that. I consider my self lucky to have many teachers –  both at school and college level – whom I hold close to the heart.

Anyway, coming back to the movie.  🙂

The scene that touched me the most is, the last scene where, as Watson drives away from Wellesley in a taxi, her students ride beside the car on bicycles to show their affection, eventually pulling away with the exception of Betty who continues to ride beside the taxi, upset to see Watson leave.

Teachers may reprimand you, punish you, scold you … but there will always be that one teacher that YOU will respect and care for, in spite of all harsh and grave punishments that they have given you… these are the kind of teachers that are very rare to find and the need of the hour…

So cheers to all my dearest teachers… you are the best!!!!! 😀

lead from darkness to light ...

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