Jilted by Dogs … :(

I don’t understand the relationship between dogs and Papa. Even the most

isn't he cute?? ❤

ferocious stray dog will start wagging its tail and obey any commands that Pappa says!!! It is irritating … really. Georgappoopan, one of our neighbours has a St.Bernard named Jacky. He has the habit of coming to our gate every evening at 18:30 for a piece of bread that Papa  gives him.

Today, since Papa was busy on the phone, he asked me to give Jacky the piece of bread. This idiot dog(I’m really sorry if I’m hurting any animal lovers….I’m a lover of dogs myself, just got a bit emotional you know…), jumps and barks at me until I start yelling for Papa. Anyway the story ends with Papa coming and giving Jacky the piece of bread himself. See what I mean ??

The moment I mention to Papa  about the tendency of dogs to favor him to others, he quotes his usual answer ( which makes my 8 year old brother roll his eyes, :D), “I possess a certain innocence that humans have lost in the process of evolution.”. Yeah right; innocence my foot!!! 😦

PS: don’t get me wrong …I am dog lover myself … just that when it comes to me and Papa, well … they tend to choose him. 😦

ROFL!!!! LMAO!!!! 😀

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