Her Rebirth …

She’d finally summoned 

The confidence and will power

To leave behind her demons

And run away.


She’d suffered for too long

And decided enough is enough.

Packing a few pens and her precious journal,

She runs and runs and runs …


Far, far away from the place

She once called “Home”

Exhausted, she stops.

While dropping the bag and herself

To the ground, she lets the tears fall

For the first time in years.


All the tears dried up,

The hole in the heart getting wider and wider

She takes out her journal and starts writing

Not caring for the grammar, spellings and rhymes.


Writing and writing

She goes to sleep.

That night – the first in years;

– She slept like a baby.


The next day she wakes up

To the song of the birds

And the sweet scent of daisies.

She was happy.


She takes a look at her journal,

At all the words spilled across the page,

And is happy that she is finally free,

Free to do the one thing she’s destined for.


She’d resurrected

hope ...

From her own ashes;

Like a Phoenix does

And she was ready to fly high …


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