Head over heals in love with S.T.C.

So my first year in college has finally come to an end. Yesterday,with all the hostelites loading their trunks and books into their cars, the atmosphere reminded me of the last day in Hogwarts. If there had been a TERESIAN EXPRESS, it would have been perfect.

my college!!!

Let me say this much: although I’ve always tried to make people NOT complain about the college; deep down inside my heart I’d doubted whether I would ever like this college. But now, as one year comes to an end I’m sure that I’ve already fallen “head over heals” in love with MY college to back off.

My College is a women’s college and I was under the misconception that college life in a co-ed. Institution is much more fun, than in a women’s college. Ha!! I’m one person who has and WILL make wrong judgments about people, things and what-not; but THIS was the biggest of all.

I had always thought that the front bench is a place of boredom. Well, long story short, I was wrong (AGAIN!!) Amina, if you’re reading this: HIGH FIVE MAN!!! 😀

Another friend who has made it easy for me to love my college is Rose. She is funny in her own way;but what I enjoyed the most is, the times Amina and Lourdes teased her. Rose: I seriously am tempted to write the “P.E teacher” story but, you’re my friend after all. 😉

To top it all off, we had an awesome teacher for a class teacher: Preethy ma’am. She is beautiful, fun-loving and strict when she has to be. She is a teacher that students will obey not out of fear, but out of respect and love.

Coming to St. Teresa’s college has been one of the best things of my life; and like you said, Amina: “thank God, we have a NEXT year.”


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