Broken Beyond Repair …

You know the lies that we try to convince ourselves very hardly? it is like a thirsty person fooled by a mirage and when he tries to take a dip and falls hard; that is when he realizes that it was nothing but a lie. It hurts to admit to yourself that what you had forced yourself to believe in was nothing but a big fat lie.

Admitting to yourself that all this while you’d been lying to you is a big step. A big step towards adulthood; this is something that I read in a book long time back. I still remember thinking to myself: “what?! What do you mean lying to yourself? Is that even possible?” ha!! To think that I was all but ignoring a big lie to myself at that time …

So if you think about it, I have finally come in terms with “THE” lie… Now, that I’ve learned the truth, what am I supposed to do? Kill myself? Or thank God for not making life as horrible as that girl, about whom I read in the paper today morning? Is this what being an adult is all about; too many questions but no answers?

It was so much easier to be a kid … no doubts, no worries and no inhibitions …

As they say, “don’t cry over spilled milk”; I would as well just face it and get it over. But seriously, why should we all be gifted with a mirage called childhood, if it was to be ripped off from us at the end of the day?

Funny how we all are chasing after that meaningless mirage  only to be disappointed …

dreams and hope broken beyond repair ...

So... what do you think?

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