Country roads Take me Home …

country roads ...

Do you remember how you used to scream on top of your lungs when caught up with whatever games you’re playing? I miss doing that. It may sound crazy, but the fact is I do. This is one of the many things I miss about my childhood. Whenever I think back about my childhood, in all those memories the place is the same: Locarno, Switzerland.

I was born in Locarno, Switzerland. I grew up and did my first grade there. After that I came down here to India. Since the day I was left in the boarding school in Piravom, Kerala I’ve missed the place every single day consciously and unconsciously. Whatever limited happiness that I’ve had in my life it was always experienced in Locarno.

There is nothing that I DON’T miss about Locarno; from basic food items to the very simple yet beautiful things like the fresh smell of the grass on the arrival of spring and Marguerite daisies. Sigh!!!

Ha!! The  one song that I can relate to without a moment’s thought is this:

“Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads.”

Ok… you can ignore the “WEST VIRGINIA” part …but you get what I mean right?


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