A Shorty in Distress


For the past few years, I cannot seem to form an acquaintance (formal or informal) without the person commenting on my height. Here’s a sample conversation:

Acquaintance: so I take it you are in 7th grade…?

Me: uh … no.

Acquaintance: oh so 6th ….??

Me: uh … actually im doing my B.A Degree.

Acquaintance: O.M.G!!!  YOU ARE IN COLLEGE??!!! Wow…wow…you’re… umm… short …he he!!!

See how it goes? And the worst part is the Acquaintance HAS to point out to me that I’m short… as if I didn’t know that already!!!

Is there an international protocol for 7th graders’ height?? If there is …then figures!!!

I have decided what I’m gonna do for my 20th birthday … I’ll get a tattoo on my forehead which reads: ” I am 20 yrs old… and no I’m NOT in 7th grade..” sheesh!!!


China Town – Waste of Time

Today, I was forced to go for a movie with my family. The movie was China Town; starring: Mohanlal, Dileep and Jayaram. The movie was a waste of time. So I would rate it : 2 out of 5.

At This Juncture

As much as I would like                                       

To go on blaming you;

Over and over again

For everything that happened to us;

I realize that it has to come to an end –

If not for our sake, then

For the sake of what we had between us.


So here I come – swallowing my pride and ego,

With an apology too late, yet better than never.

I accept that I am equally at fault as you are.

It should not have ended the way it did …

And all I can say is: I am sorry.


I am glad that time

Has healed all the wounds

(Even if the scars remain …)

And though things can never be the same,

I wish you all the goodness

Life has in store for you.


As much as I would like

To say otherwise,

The time we had together was special –

Like no other.

And I want to thank you for this

Wonderful gift of our time together

And all the memories of it;

As we part our ways,

At this juncture.


Today Chicku, Papa and me were watching the famous Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto (a.k.a: Apocalypse). This is a historical action-adventure film, set in Yucatán, Mexico during the Maya Civilization.

The movie depicts the story of Jaguar Paw and his (successful) attempts to escape a human sacrifice to save his family. His father, brother and other people of his tribe were brutally tortured to death, while being sacrificed to the sun God Kukulcan.

While watching the movie during a particular scene (where the captives’ beating heart was cut out from their chests before they were beheaded,) my dad said, “We think that in this 21st century humans have become more civilized; it is just a misconception. This civilization is just a very translucent mask; if given a good motive, man will still treat his fellow beings in the same barbaric way.”

All I could think was “wow!” I mean I’ve watched this movie thrice; but I never thought about it this way. I must say, this is one of the many things I like about my dad; he tells me stuff that makes me think and ponder for a long time.

Have you ever thought that there is a pre-historical, barbaric, brutal animal that lies deep inside you, waiting for a moment’s provocation to come out of you in the ugliest form possible? All that is needed is a split of a second to make a difference between a civilian and a barbarian.

jaguar capturing its prey.

I say, greatness lies not in the amount of hours spent in solitude of prayer or fasting, not in the money earned, not even in the amount of knowledge you acquired; but in the ability to keep the animal that is inside you, chained in; making sure that it never, ever comes out.

Oops!! I got off the track … must be the coffee I had …

According to the Cambridge dictionary (yes, I did refer the dictionary!!) the word “apocalypse” means “A very serious event resulting in great destruction and change”. So, if you think about it, the title explains it all.

I know it’s a very late appreciation but, I must say it…Hats off to you Gibson!!

My Name is SANDRA and I AM an optioniac.

I just figured that I am an optioniac. An optioniac is a person who has a gift of rotating sleep hour. I happened to find an article in an old newspaper supplement and to quote from it:

[…] and optioniacs brag: “I sleep my six hours, but it could be at any part of the day.” […]

Now, if THAT isn’t cool what is?!? I’ve being trying for the past 20 years to find some disorder in me and now I can finally name one without shame; I just have to practice saying the word a few times and voilà!!

Here is a practice session: My Name is SANDRA and I AM an optioniac.

 There you go!! How is that?? Not good enough, eh? Nothing that a little practice can’t do.

Had You Been here …

Today was a perfect day;

"Our love is like the wind... I can't see it, But I can feel it." - A walk to Remember.

Nothing; absolutely nothing, was wrong.

Everything from up the sky

To down here on earth, was perfect.


The sun shone like a diamond;

Among the snow-white clouds.

The birds sang their songs with gusto;

Songs of joy and love.


The green grass and the flowers were nodding

while listening to the stories of distant lands

And people; their strange clothes, food and habits;

Narrated by the wind – the traveller.


At home, things couldn’t have been better,

Heavenly aromas from the kitchen only added to it.

Everyone – dad, mom and the kids –

Everyone was happy and gay.


Today was like a day no other;

Nothing; absolutely nothing, was wrong.

Everything would have been better than perfect …

Had you been here …

(But I’ll wait … no problem.)

Leave Me alone, Mr.Boredom

Ok here is the thing: I, Sandra Eliswa Naduvilaparambil have

lol!! aint this funny or what?

finally accepted that she is on the height joblessness. These holidays, (ahem! Actually it is study– holidays; ignoring the former part of the phrase) have turned out a disaster. Today I was caught sleeping on the couch when I was supposed to be studying. Let me tell you this has never happened before (getting caught, I mean…). 😀

The thing is, the days have become so predictable and boring. I don’t want to list out the details of the routine and bore you, dear reader. Lord, save us from robo-holidays and boredom; this is my prayer.