The Circle

Kellogg’s and Amul milk;

A cup of Nescafe with sugar;

And not to forget The Hindu;

One end of the circle has begun.


Yahoo!  To Facebook;

Facebook to Twitter;

Twitter to WordPress;

And finally with Goodreads, I go offline.


The same menu 24 x 7 for lunch –

Omelet and toast;

Rice and curry;

Pasta and sauce – yummy! Is all I can say …


In TV choices aren’t many –

Star movies, H.B.O,

Movies Now, W.B finally

Ending up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Star World – ha!ha!ha!


Oh! Yes in between I do study;

Musings, Critical thinking,

Malayalam, Literary Studies

And not to forget Max Webber.

(And yet … Julia Quinn does visit !!)


Finally with a “something” for dinner,

I realize I’m tired and thus off to bed, I go.

With a hope of NOT waking up in the near future,

I sleep like a babe. (yeah right!! Thanks to mosquitoes!!!)


I wake up the next minute,

Realizing the next day has arrived.

Hell!! The circle never ends …




circle of time ...




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