All Honourable Men

Have you noticed how the govt (not only NOW,but ALWAYS.)starts repairing all the damaged roads two months before the elections? I mean why bother? They had five years of ample time to make the roads sturdy and clear but no!! This is the moment that the Goddess of knowledge has finally enlightened their minds about the problems of the roads; after all, “better late, than never” is how the proverb goes right? Let’s give five cheers to the present politicians and their sense of responsibility!!! Hip hip hurray!!

The great Indian election tamasha.

And now, 3 days before the elections, we see the leaders of the ruling AND the opposition parties pointing out each others faults and transgressions to the public. Yesterday, papa and me were watching a particular news channel about the election campaigns and one person ( he was not giving an exact overview of the scenario,) said that the answers given by the present C.M  to the questions of the opposition party were apt and these answers were  proof that a new leader is born in the C.M. wow!! Was all I could say, because anyone who has a minimum level of political knowledge (for instance, me.) could clearly see that this year’s election campaign did not focus in the development or welfare of Kerala; but rather as an arena for pointing fingers at each other.

Oh! But I forgot!! All this while our politicians were all in the dark!! It is only recently that they have seen the rays of knowledge, so they should be excused. let us not forget what Anthony said,

“For Brutus is an honourable man; So are they all, all honourable men”.

ah!! Yes, yes they are all honourable men. 😉

a song from the movie CLASSMATES :


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