Revelation of A Summer Vacation

On a summer vacation

A revelation.

Few years back,

The phone call from my pal

Proved there is an old guy upstairs.


The news was nothing

But how things had begun

To go wrong for you;

The happy-go-lucky.


It took a lot of self-control

To stop myself

To stoop to your level

And shout out my lungs.


But oh! I was a believer from then on;

“What goes around, Comes around”

Became my life motto;

“Sow what you reap” my creed.


Your time had finally arrived;

You got to taste your own medicine;

The coming years were proof enough.

Oh! Let me tell you – looks like it’s not over yet!


Now when I look back,

I cannot help, but laugh,

Because ‘tis funny,

How it took an atheist like you

To make me a believer.


Now that I’ve got it all down

And out of my system,

I think it is time for me

To put it all behind me.


So don’t worry,

You’ll never hear about this

No more. But I had to;

JUST had to get it out.


So... what do you think?

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