ELIZABETH – one of a kind friend.

Yesterday my friend Elizabeth called me after three months. We had to tell each other nothing but the old memories of the stuff that we did in school. After sometime the conversation came to a pause the first time. We were so surprised!!

Elizabeth and Me

She said “isn’t this funny how we used to talk endlessly for hours on the phone, when we were back in school and got to see each other everyday?? Now that we are so far away from each other we have nothing to tell each other.”

This is so true. Our mothers had to yell at us to get us away from the phone. Ha! This is life. I mean when we were with each other, we never agreed when others said that we were “best-friends”. But now, we address the each-other, while talking to others with the tag “my best friend”.

There are many things that I DON’T know about life; things I find it hard to figure out. But there is one thing that I can say without a second thought – that Elizabeth Rose Kurien is and ALWAYS will be my best friend. Many friends may come and go but no one can and will replace her.

Thank you Elizabeth for all the good memories ( I’ve got very few good memories of school life.); there is never a good moment in college which does not make me miss you.

You are one of a kind.


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