Today Chicku, Papa and me were watching the famous Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto (a.k.a: Apocalypse). This is a historical action-adventure film, set in Yucatán, Mexico during the Maya Civilization.

The movie depicts the story of Jaguar Paw and his (successful) attempts to escape a human sacrifice to save his family. His father, brother and other people of his tribe were brutally tortured to death, while being sacrificed to the sun God Kukulcan.

While watching the movie during a particular scene (where the captives’ beating heart was cut out from their chests before they were beheaded,) my dad said, “We think that in this 21st century humans have become more civilized; it is just a misconception. This civilization is just a very translucent mask; if given a good motive, man will still treat his fellow beings in the same barbaric way.”

All I could think was “wow!” I mean I’ve watched this movie thrice; but I never thought about it this way. I must say, this is one of the many things I like about my dad; he tells me stuff that makes me think and ponder for a long time.

Have you ever thought that there is a pre-historical, barbaric, brutal animal that lies deep inside you, waiting for a moment’s provocation to come out of you in the ugliest form possible? All that is needed is a split of a second to make a difference between a civilian and a barbarian.

jaguar capturing its prey.

I say, greatness lies not in the amount of hours spent in solitude of prayer or fasting, not in the money earned, not even in the amount of knowledge you acquired; but in the ability to keep the animal that is inside you, chained in; making sure that it never, ever comes out.

Oops!! I got off the track … must be the coffee I had …

According to the Cambridge dictionary (yes, I did refer the dictionary!!) the word “apocalypse” means “A very serious event resulting in great destruction and change”. So, if you think about it, the title explains it all.

I know it’s a very late appreciation but, I must say it…Hats off to you Gibson!!


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