At This Juncture

As much as I would like                                       

To go on blaming you;

Over and over again

For everything that happened to us;

I realize that it has to come to an end –

If not for our sake, then

For the sake of what we had between us.


So here I come – swallowing my pride and ego,

With an apology too late, yet better than never.

I accept that I am equally at fault as you are.

It should not have ended the way it did …

And all I can say is: I am sorry.


I am glad that time

Has healed all the wounds

(Even if the scars remain …)

And though things can never be the same,

I wish you all the goodness

Life has in store for you.


As much as I would like

To say otherwise,

The time we had together was special –

Like no other.

And I want to thank you for this

Wonderful gift of our time together

And all the memories of it;

As we part our ways,

At this juncture.


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