A Shorty in Distress


For the past few years, I cannot seem to form an acquaintance (formal or informal) without the person commenting on my height. Here’s a sample conversation:

Acquaintance: so I take it you are in 7th grade…?

Me: uh … no.

Acquaintance: oh so 6th ….??

Me: uh … actually im doing my B.A Degree.

Acquaintance: O.M.G!!!  YOU ARE IN COLLEGE??!!! Wow…wow…you’re… umm… short …he he!!!

See how it goes? And the worst part is the Acquaintance HAS to point out to me that I’m short… as if I didn’t know that already!!!

Is there an international protocol for 7th graders’ height?? If there is …then figures!!!

I have decided what I’m gonna do for my 20th birthday … I’ll get a tattoo on my forehead which reads: ” I am 20 yrs old… and no I’m NOT in 7th grade..” sheesh!!!


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