Top 10 reasons WHY you shouldn’t wear braces

With one more month to go before I take off these HORRID braces, I thought I would give 10 reasons why a person should not wear them:

# 10 :  It makes you look ugly: trust for the first six months, you are going to look like an ape.(Literally.)

#9: People who DID NOT notice you having buck teeth will also start calling you names and tease you.

#8:  you will have to brush your teeth at least five times a day.

#7: people will get a clue of your menu, because part of it gets stuck in the braces.

#6: biting into the burgers, ice-cream cones and sandwiches will be a  long forgotten dream.

#5:  you’ll develop a temporary lisp.

#4: the insides of your mouth is gonna hurt a lot due to the cuts caused by the braces.

#3: for one year you will have to learn to bear the pain while tightening the braces… (oh it hurts, I tell you!!!)

#2: it compels you to eat very slowly.

#1: basically it hurts.