Top 10 reasons WHY you shouldn’t wear braces

With one more month to go before I take off these HORRID braces, I thought I would give 10 reasons why a person should not wear them:

# 10 :  It makes you look ugly: trust for the first six months, you are going to look like an ape.(Literally.)

#9: People who DID NOT notice you having buck teeth will also start calling you names and tease you.

#8:  you will have to brush your teeth at least five times a day.

#7: people will get a clue of your menu, because part of it gets stuck in the braces.

#6: biting into the burgers, ice-cream cones and sandwiches will be a  long forgotten dream.

#5:  you’ll develop a temporary lisp.

#4: the insides of your mouth is gonna hurt a lot due to the cuts caused by the braces.

#3: for one year you will have to learn to bear the pain while tightening the braces… (oh it hurts, I tell you!!!)

#2: it compels you to eat very slowly.

#1: basically it hurts.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons WHY you shouldn’t wear braces”

  1. I think that you are scaring people but exactly right i have had the experience and boy it hurts and the cuts and bruises are just unbelievably painful

  2. I wanted braces, but now I’m telling myself that I don’t want them. I just needed some reassurance and this was PERFECT. Thanks!

  3. Braces are a gift from hell. None of my kids will be getting them, no matter how badly they want them or need them. I had mine for 3 years and my teeth looked no different than before, despite everyone telling them they do. I don’t understand how people notice teeth in the first place…YOUR LIPS COVER THEM 23.9 HOURS A FUCKING DAY!! Braces are overall just pointless and there is nothing I regret more. Just how much do I hate them? Shortly before I got them off, I took a picture of my braced mouth, got it developed, drew an inverted cross on the face of it, and set the defaced piture on fire. And that was the best feeling I’ve ever had my whole life!!!

  4. Not to mention getting them removed is incredibly painful and leave your teeth more sensitive than they were before… You might as well save me the pain of 3 years and just take a hammer and smash my teeth into place, if you get braces you will contemplate suicide about 6 times a day…

  5. Also if you like to sing and/or a pretty good singer, you might as well take all the years of practice and throw them down the drain, just bleach your teeth to be white and have a good life…

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