Friday.. ze zirteenth!!!

Ah!!! So looks like another “Friday the 13this just around the corner. You know what? How much ever man tries to convince themselves that they are civilized and modern, the right next minute they will do something that contradicts it. This concept that, if the date 13th falls on a Friday is unlucky, began in the west.

We all know that the westerners claim themselves to be civilized, modern and what-not; so its funny when you think about the fact that all the black churches in the developing countries (oh…its just a sort of business, trust me…very successful too) thrive due to the westerners, who visit these countries and pay millions of Dollars for the rituals that are conducted especially on this date. Yeah right!! So much for civilization…

As far as the west thinks something is true…well it’s the new gospel then, I suppose.

So you gonna watch the “Friday 13th” series?? Count me in!!!