Monsoon Romance

Here is what… I have fallen in love with the monsoons; all of it: the storms, the lightning and thunders, the rains and the aftermath of it all: cool,fresh air. Don’t ask me how, why or when it happened because I don’t know… I just know that till now I believed myself to be a person who hated the monsoons … but I guess I was wrong.(Hmm, but that does not open my heart to the idea of getting myself wet in the rain. THAT, I guess remains with me.)

The thing is, im pretty sure that had I been an urbanite, I would not be talking about the monsoons this way, because there… it is a whole different story. The city gets dirtier and messier during the monsoons. So, all in all, let’s say it’s for good that I’m not living in the urban side 😉

Ha!! it has started raining!! You don’t wanna miss this!! Now… if I just had a cup of tea …



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