Don’t Stop

With the rain pouring down outside,

You come in unexpectedly,

Forcing me to make a souvenir,

To preserve this moment,

Forever and ever after.


So talk to me, let me listen to you,

Allow me to grasp your voice, all the curves of your face,

All the different shades

Your eyes take with the change in light….


There isn’t much time, before the rain stops

And then, you will be gone.

Once you are gone,

a memory is all, you will ever be

So don’t stop talking,

‘Coz I can see the rainbow already…

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Media: Jobless and Cheap

Media is a means of communication, that reach or influence people widely. Now, this definition (which I managed to get it from a dictionary,) sounds like greek and latin; Today’s media is hardly influencing people. I mean, just look at what a huge mess the media has made of Amitabh Bacchan’s announcement on Aishwarya Rai Bacchan becoming pregnant; the way the media made a big fuss out of this, one would think that the possibility of her becoming pregnant is a total miracle (nothing personal Bacchans. Actually congratulations!! 🙂 ). Ok, I can understand if the media had just “reported” it. But no, they had to speculate the sex of the baby, speculate whether she is having twins and God forbid it  the date of when she could have possibly become pregnant !!!. Isn’t it enough that they hardly get any privacy on any personal matters, but THIS??!! Good Lord, this is really the Kaliyuga!!


here, you can see for yourself what exactly I’m talking about: twins-aishwarya-082750970.html



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Human Complications

I think, the one and only mistake that God has ever made is creating Us, humans. This is the only species that you cannot define by few characteristics. They are hypocritical, brutal, disgusting, ugly and what not. And we end up doing some THE greatest blunders possible.

EXAMPLE NUMBER ONE: Some of us send our kids to spend their childhood in boarding schools and decide to bring them back home at ripe age of fifteen (mid-teens) and expect them to be scholars in all things that belongs to the “chores of the house” group; Never mind that the kid in question spent a time span of eight or nine years in a boarding, where the extend of the homey “chores” that they [ I refuse to write the gender.humph!! 😡 ] were expected to do was make their beds. Never mind that, after 8/9 years of boarding, their mind and brain hasn’t registered that they are finally “home” and not “boarding” anymore!!!

EXAMPLE NUMBER TWO: when a case of rape attempt and comes out in the lime light, most of the people in the society ( by society I mean the WHOLE world, by the way >:/ ) tend to blame women and the way they dress, as THE number one reason for that!! (hello!! heard anything human rights??!! 😛 )

UGH!! WHAT IS WITH US HUMANS??!! WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM??!! We humans are a complicated lot, alright!!



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Mother Tongue(s) Issues

Italian was the first language that I spoke fluently; at the age of seven I learned the language of my parents Official mother tongue. in ANY dictionary, you will see that the word Mother Tongue means: “the language one first learned”; usually this language turns out to be the native language and the term “mother tongue” is synonymously used for the latter. It is also a known fact that, it is in your mother tongue that you think.

So, what is the problem? well, The language that I first learned is Italian, which is NOT my native language.My native language is Malayalam and I grew up with this language BUT sadly, this is not the language in which I think. So which one is my “Mother Tongue”?

I still can Read,write and understand italian fluently; but when I speak I’m not that fluent, I tend to either forget some words or make a grammatical mistake.

P.S: let me see if i can write one sentence in Italian…it is up to you , Dear reader to correct me if I am wrong:

Io parlo un po di’taliano ma….erm…diciamo che non e’ veramente buono !!  [ I speak a bit of Italian but, let’s say that, it’s not really strong!!] 😉



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Death … THE end??

[…] The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. […]

                                 – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

One person said that, right from the moment you are born, you are drawing close to your death.We have moved on to the 21st century – the so-called “digital age” and yet death remains a taboo.

Some people (like myself) give their family and friends a hell of a time (literally) and then worry about how they should have treated their loved ones better and worry about how they are going to go on if their loved ones die; Some others just take life as it is, live their life to the fullest when they can; and yet some others just take things for granted, assume that death is something that happens at old age (like, the stuff that you hear in the news can NOT and will not happen to themselves.

Ha… this reminds me …how would have the “Harry Potter” plot turned out HAD Voldemort realized that death is not the end? … ever thought about that? hmm… 8/

[…] Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come. […]

                                               -(2.2.34)Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

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It Doesn’t Matter

What I have doesn’t matter,

While reminded of what I don’t.


What I am doesn’t matter

while what I am not, stands out.


What I haven’t done doesn’t matter,

while what I have done is grave.


What I believe doesn’t matter,

when I’m the cause for one’s loss of faith.

Yup… It doesn’t matter at all….


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Travel Wish List

So, this is a list of all countries that I would like to visit, once I officially start earning a stable income ( the reasons of WHY I would visit them will be answered in separate articles):

  1. Switzerland (The reason is too easy to guess.)
  2. Ireland.
  3. England.
  4. Dubai.
  5. Brazil.
  6. Russia.
  7. Spain.
  8. France.
  9. Sri Lanka.
  10. Italy.
  11. United States of America.
  12. Sweden.
  13. Australia.
  14. Egypt.
  15. South Africa.
  16. Portugal.
  17. China.
  18. Singapore.

I’m not saying I WILL; but if it is in my destiny to visit at least one of these countries I would die a happy woman. 😀


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