We all have become so used to the way our life , that we cannot even fathom of another situation. For example,

  • Have you ever thought how your family would have turned out if  you had never been born?
  • How your life would have been if  you’d belonged to another family?
  • Or if  you were an orphan?
  • what would have happened if you were born blind?
  • Or if  you were deformed?
  • Have you ever thought about the possibility of meeting with an accident while crossing the road?
  • That you could be ONE of the people who become the victims of terrorist attacks/natural calamities?
  • That you could have belonged to one of those nations which have not yet developed (no electricity and other technologies)?
  • That you could be one of the many illiterate people in this world?
  • That you could pass away right now while reading this article?
  • that you could belong to one of the many broken families?

If none of the above is not a part of your life there is surely someone above who is adamant on not to make you suffer… So next time you want to die because  your “so called” soul-mate has ditched you, I suggest you think twice…because if people who have the above listed things in their life can go on … then surely you can.

There is so much for us to be grateful….




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