Mother Tongue(s) Issues

Italian was the first language that I spoke fluently; at the age of seven I learned the language of my parents Official mother tongue. in ANY dictionary, you will see that the word Mother Tongue means: “the language one first learned”; usually this language turns out to be the native language and the term “mother tongue” is synonymously used for the latter. It is also a known fact that, it is in your mother tongue that you think.

So, what is the problem? well, The language that I first learned is Italian, which is NOT my native language.My native language is Malayalam and I grew up with this language BUT sadly, this is not the language in which I think. So which one is my “Mother Tongue”?

I still can Read,write and understand italian fluently; but when I speak I’m not that fluent, I tend to either forget some words or make a grammatical mistake.

P.S: let me see if i can write one sentence in Italian…it is up to you , Dear reader to correct me if I am wrong:

Io parlo un po di’taliano ma….erm…diciamo che non e’ veramente buono !!  [ I speak a bit of Italian but, let’s say that, it’s not really strong!!] 😉



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4 thoughts on “Mother Tongue(s) Issues”

  1. Ciao Sandra!
    Il tuo italiano è perfetto! Ma se vuoi migliorarlo puoi venire a trovarci dove sai………..ti possiamo alloggiare senza problemi. La mia lingua materna è francese, ma mi arrangio in italiano

  2. Good question? and very good confusion? I consider Mother tongue is the language spoken by your Mother (Because it is expected that you have learnt speaking from your mother) and spoken in your mother land/region when you were born or at your childhood. Like I stay in Gujarat and I am Bengali by birth and was born and brought up in Odisa. I consider bengali and Oriya as my mother tongue(s). 🙂

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