Human Complications

I think, the one and only mistake that God has ever made is creating Us, humans. This is the only species that you cannot define by few characteristics. They are hypocritical, brutal, disgusting, ugly and what not. And we end up doing some THE greatest blunders possible.

EXAMPLE NUMBER ONE: Some of us send our kids to spend their childhood in boarding schools and decide to bring them back home at ripe age of fifteen (mid-teens) and expect them to be scholars in all things that belongs to the “chores of the house” group; Never mind that the kid in question spent a time span of eight or nine years in a boarding, where the extend of the homey “chores” that they [ I refuse to write the gender.humph!! šŸ˜” ] were expected to do was make their beds. Never mind that, after 8/9 years of boarding, their mind and brain hasn’t registered that they are finally “home” and not “boarding” anymore!!!

EXAMPLE NUMBER TWO: when a case of rape attempt and comes out in the lime light, most of the people in the society ( by society I mean the WHOLE world, by the way >:/ ) tend to blame women and the way they dress, as THE number one reason for that!! (hello!! heard anything human rights??!! šŸ˜› )

UGH!! WHAT IS WITH US HUMANS??!! WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM??!! We humans are a complicated lot, alright!!



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3 thoughts on “Human Complications”

  1. hmmm Sandra, šŸ™‚ more than complicated, I’d say we thrive on being perverse, more often than not! I like the point[s] you make, and agree with you in principle but have more faith in humankind [there are quite a few – well hidden – decent human beings!]. It must have to do with age and the protracted use of my own brain since a very early age! I discoverd women are woman’s worst enemy, alas! Which I am not, nor ever will!

    1. Hi Marianna,

      Yup, what you said is absolutely true. But the fact is, the day i wrote this article was ONE of those days where you are so angry and frustrated that you just HAVE to knock yourself unconscious. For me, it was either this article or oblivion. šŸ˜‰

      Thank You for visiting my blog!!! šŸ™‚

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