Media: Jobless and Cheap

Media is a means of communication, that reach or influence people widely. Now, this definition (which I managed to get it from a dictionary,) sounds like greek and latin; Today’s media is hardly influencing people. I mean, just look at what a huge mess the media has made of Amitabh Bacchan’s announcement on Aishwarya Rai Bacchan becoming pregnant; the way the media made a big fuss out of this, one would think that the possibility of her becoming pregnant is a total miracle (nothing personal Bacchans. Actually congratulations!! 🙂 ). Ok, I can understand if the media had just “reported” it. But no, they had to speculate the sex of the baby, speculate whether she is having twins and God forbid it  the date of when she could have possibly become pregnant !!!. Isn’t it enough that they hardly get any privacy on any personal matters, but THIS??!! Good Lord, this is really the Kaliyuga!!


here, you can see for yourself what exactly I’m talking about: twins-aishwarya-082750970.html



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