Nothing shall console me tonight

The wind and the moon not

And music, certainly not …

For deprived, I am of your smile.

Like a thirsty soul in a vast  desert

Here I wait…Punish me no more !!


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Shut Up and Listen!!!

When a friend or someone confides in you about a problem, we all have tendency to tell them clichéd stuff like: don’t worry!! it’s for the best or God has a plan for you” or even worst, ” look!! there are others who suffer three times worst than you! this is nothing compared to their problems!” Now, look here, they come to you – swallowing all the pride that they have – not to get a counseling   on optimism and all that crap; if that were the reason they could have just consulted a shrink and he would have done a better job at it than you, trust me. (Now, now, I KNOW that your mommy told you NOT to trust anyone who told you “trust me”, but in this case…TRUST ME!). They just want someone to listen to them; someone who would understand all their problems (however tiny, in comparison to the universe) and not push it off, saying the same old “… there are others…” crap; however tiny it is, it is their problem and by listening to them and not giving them your goddamn sympathy, you are actually telling them ” I care, no matter what.”

So next time someone talks to you, SHUT THE HELL UP and listen!!

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved