I Just Can’t Wait …

When I was a kid I just wanted to grow up, so that i could put an end to the endless hours of studying, Home Works, assignments, impositions, etc. I used to think that my parents and teachers were so lucky; that all they had to do was sit in their offices from morning till evening or in my teachers’ case, what did they have to do?! all they had to do was teach us a few pages and give us tons of homework!!! what did they have to worry about?! it was me, who had to do all the learning, me who got grounded for low grades, me who got held back from a week’s games for not doing the homework … what did these adults have to do except earn money and boss us kids around?! * sigh!! being an adult is so easy!!!

YEAH RIGHT!! could I have been anymore wrong?! I mean, right now at 20, I would give up anything to go back to that time when I had nothing to worry about but my grades and studies !! I think this is the problem with all of us… all our lives we can’t wait to become something else, that we do not enjoy the moment. And then, later we sit back and regret about not living the moment.

sad right?

[…] Oh, I just can’t wait to be king
Nobody saying do this
Nobody saying be there
Nobody saying stop that
Nobody saying see here
Free to run around all day
I’ll be free to do it my way […] ( The Lion King)



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