Snape and Hell = Heaven

After two (or let’s make it 1 and a half) years of college life, you’d think that I have finally managed to move on; to get over the yearning to go back to  school… right? You couldn’t be more wrong. Even now, in spite of me being a second year degree student of the (emphasis intended)subject I love, I would give up anything to be back in my school; Even now, my blood  boils when someone dares to insult my school; Even now, I’m willing to face all the bullying that I did, if I get to go back to school.

Now, when I say all that, you are bound to get a very romantic reputation of my school; you might think that “oh, if she is willing to do all this, her school must be really good, indeed!”, but reality is totally contradictory. My school is not the best; the most of the people in my school are hypocrites, naïve and vain. Some of the rules in that school are nothing but, ridiculous!! In fact, you will find a lot of Snape and Filch – incarnates (If you have read Harry Potter series, or at least watched the movies, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Up to this point, I hated that place with a passion … and yet, here I am pining for that place like a lover.

I miss those days, when my driving purpose of going to school was rebelling against the popular people. I miss those moments when Elizabeth and me would irritate the wiz-kid of our class Jenny. I miss those days, where I would write my exams with the confidence that even my friends have not prepared for them. I miss teasing the couples in my class. I miss my friends teasing me and threatening me that they would tell people about my crush(es) ….. ah!! If I am to go on, I don’t think I will finish this any time soon.

[…] Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again […]

(from the movie Three Idiots)

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Snape and Hell = Heaven”

  1. hahaa… i feel d same way sumtyms but not about toc h xcept d fun tyms…and u kno i kinda suddenly got dis pic in my mind abot sheila being snape(reali weird!!)

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