Being Mutant

Speaking in X-Men terms, I finally figured that I am a mutant. No, I can Not crush people by just a glance like Magneto; I also am not a telepathic like Prof.X. Oh no. I do NOT, have claws like Wolverine. But, my gift is equally important and useful. (especially for women.)

This is my power: I have a very reliable method of figuring out whether a member of the opposite sex of mine, is anything or everything of the list given below:

  • A jerk
  • A  chauvinist
  • A self-centered baboon
  • An Idiot
  • Any other adjectives that belongs to the same group as the above ones.
Here is how I manage to deduce this very important little piece of information:
Introduce your guinea pig a.k.a, the guy, to me. And then you wait for a few weeks. If I  end up NOT having a crush on the guinea pig, you have no reason to worry. The guy is genuine.
But if I end up having a crush on the guinea pig, then behold!! the guy could be anything or everything that was mentioned in the list before. Trust me.
Every single guy that I had a crush on, proved to be one of those within the first few weeks/months. Every S.I.N.G.L.E. guy. So this got me thinking, ‘ huh, since i have a such a useful power, why not put it to use for the betterment of other members of my sex?’ and hence, this article. Now all that is left to do is decide a new name for me. I thought of Demask (y’know, since my power is all about de-masking the guys…)
Have a better name?