Drama Queen

I know you have heard it a million times before, but I have to say it: Life is too short. I mean it. I mean, the days when i used to hold my dad’s hand, licking an ice-cream cone (cioccolato e fior-di-latte 🙂 ) while we window shopped for the latest gadgets (cameras and mobiles, mostly)seems like just yesterday. And now… look at me, I’m twenty and in college. What was I talking about? Right. Life being short.

If you’ve been wanting to do something for a very long time, you should probably do it. Who knows, you might end up being quite good at it. I had always wanted to be a part of a play. But, (yes, there was a BIG but.) I did not have the balls to stand in front of an audience and say 5 to six lines without getting them wrong. I had an excuse for this too. I have gone for many extempore and declamation competitions. NEVER, never have I managed to pull one off, without forgetting the key points. I would sweat and shiver and what not.

Last to last week, I gave it a shot and auditioned for the role of Puck from Shakespeare’s very famous A Midnight Summer Night’s Dream. I had not managed to come up with something extra ordinary during the practice sessions.
On the day of the competition, minutes before i get on stage, I thought, “hey those people out there don’t know you. They are gonna buy this character just the way you present it to them. You can either do a very pathetic imitation of this character, or you can do it in the best manner possible”. That was it. I was not scared anymore, I did not forget my lines and I was Puck. All my teachers and friends loved it. I can act (though not the very best)!!! I loooooooove draaaamaaa!!! ( think of PO’s very famous I LOOOOOVE KUNG FUUUUUUUUUU!!!).

Sheesh. I do sound like a drama queen, right? that’s it. I’m over it. I’m so over it.



Ingratitude is one of the classic human traits. One bad morning is enough to throw us out of our balance and to start complaining about how unfair God is. One bad morning, and we forget the very basic fact that, had he not cared enough for you, you wouldn’t have been alive to see the “worst day” of your life. He could have very well complained about the fact that, he is tired of giving you chances to become good. You know what is the problem? We have been pampered too much and that has made us all snobs.
And then it takes a fellow human being suffering all the pains (mentally and physically) that you cannot fathom, moving on with their life without uttering one syllable as a complaint, laughing and joking when they are actually dying inside, to realize how lucky you are. They have accepted the will of God and trust him. It is during these moments that you realize what a scum you have been.
So next time you have a bad morning and feel like questioning God, just think of those people in a cancer ward or people who have been diagnosed with A.I.D.S… it ought to be enough to help you get through the day with less cursing and complaining.

To Facebook or not to Facebook; That is The Question.

I’m pretty sure that we are all addicted to something or the other (notice it, or not.) I have my own share of confession to make. I’m addicted to Facebook. Right now, I am quenching my thurst to check my Facebook account incase some new notification comes up. I am not proud of this addiction. trust me. 

What is Facebook all about? Keeping in touch with your old buddies?! I don’t think so. I would say that  Facebook encourages society’s tendency of poking its nose in other people’s business and of course, gossip. Why would you want to let people know about every single pimple that appeared on your face or about how bad your day was? Do you actually belive that your 240+ “friends” would actually give a damn?

Oh, there are many advantages of using this social website. You get to keep in touch with your old friends, an easy way of showing our support to various social and political issues, easy way of contacting people and passing on an urgent message (at least for me coz i don’t have a cell yet); but when things get to the point where you can’t find peace of mind if you don’t go online for a minimum of a half an hour is way over-board. You just won’t believe the amount of time I have lost in the year 2011 due to my addiction  to Facebook.

By the way, this article was COMPLETELY meant for me. It was a of convincing myself that Spending 8 hours on Facebook is totally not worth it. Now…this would make an excellent status, don’t you think?