To Facebook or not to Facebook; That is The Question.

I’m pretty sure that we are all addicted to something or the other (notice it, or not.) I have my own share of confession to make. I’m addicted to Facebook. Right now, I am quenching my thurst to check my Facebook account incase some new notification comes up. I am not proud of this addiction. trust me. 

What is Facebook all about? Keeping in touch with your old buddies?! I don’t think so. I would say that  Facebook encourages society’s tendency of poking its nose in other people’s business and of course, gossip. Why would you want to let people know about every single pimple that appeared on your face or about how bad your day was? Do you actually belive that your 240+ “friends” would actually give a damn?

Oh, there are many advantages of using this social website. You get to keep in touch with your old friends, an easy way of showing our support to various social and political issues, easy way of contacting people and passing on an urgent message (at least for me coz i don’t have a cell yet); but when things get to the point where you can’t find peace of mind if you don’t go online for a minimum of a half an hour is way over-board. You just won’t believe the amount of time I have lost in the year 2011 due to my addiction  to Facebook.

By the way, this article was COMPLETELY meant for me. It was a of convincing myself that Spending 8 hours on Facebook is totally not worth it. Now…this would make an excellent status, don’t you think?


So... what do you think?

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