One and All

You might have your friends waiting along with you at the bus stop. They might promise you that they would not leave you alone; that they will take a bus along with you and get down on the way. But the moment a bus comes  along, which stops right at their doorstep or in their neighborhood, they WILL leave you and get on that bus and go. Right, at that moment they have their priorities, and reaching home on time it is. It is not selfishness, but that they have their priorities right.

We are all ready to do anything for our friends; but this attitude should not be at the sake of your responsibility towards yourself. This is how the saying goes:

                          All for one, and one for all.


Here ONE for all comes ONLY, when ALL are there for one. What I’m trying to say is that, there is no point in you doing so much for your friends, if they won’t even BE there for you at one crucial moment.








3 thoughts on “One and All”

  1. Sandra – first time here..i like the way you think, with you at the center..

    all for one and one for another cliched line of lie that people hold dear, though it is quite impossible to perform..but still proclaim to perform constantly..i could see the bus stop scene very vividly..

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