Now or Never

This is it.
The now or never moment.
One gulp and its pure bliss –
No more hatred,
No more pity,
No more pain,
No more tears.
I read the prescription;
Make sure it is fatal –
Can’t take any chances after all.
Wait a minute – why is my hand shaking?
No, It’s just my head.
A knock on my door..
I wait for it to stop, but no –
one, two, three – JUST GO AWAY!!!
I decide to answer it.
I open the door and its my 9-year-old brother:
“Coming to watch Phineas and Ferb?”
I look back at the bottle on my table,
Now or never.
“yea, you go on I’m coming now.”
I put the bottle away,
Promising myself to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Guess I got lucky this time, eh?


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