One of THOSE Days When…

You know one of those days when everything, I mean EVERY freaking thing goes wrong? yea. You were to wake up at 4 A.M and guess what? the alarm decides to go on strike over something you don’t even know about and you end up waking up at six A.M. instead. You rush to the toilet brush your teeth and take a shower the faucets give out water like tears. Great. You turn on the motor, take a bath and eat a slice of bread while running to your bus stop before the bus leaves you stranded.

You get into the bus, open your wallet and realize that you just have the exact amount for your to and fro travel of the day: this means no coffee, no lunch, no photocopied notes.AH what a great day to write a poem!

You barely make it to college before the first bell. You see your lecturer walking to your class and suddenly it strikes you – You haven’t written you assignments and seminar report and today is the last date. Excellent. After a lunch-less and tiring day you get back home. at 7 PM your friend calls you up and shouts at you for not having submitted her form to the department that had given to you a week back.

LONG STORY SHORT, my day was just AWESOME and I’m lucky I did not get the urge to write an elegy dedicated to “the worst day of my life and my IMPECCABLE memory that ensures to fail me on occasions like this” and knock myself to oblivion.



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