Indian Woman of The 21st Century

It means a lot of things to be an Indian woman of the 21st century. It means you can get yourself raped if you end up traveling alone for five minutes in a ladies’ compartment late at night. It means you might be groped at in a crowded bus and yet no one will stand up for you.It means you can get raped publicly in broad day light and yet the society will lecture you about propriety and modesty in clothing.

It means your country will move on to celebrate her 100th year of independence and YOU, her own daughter will still fight for your rights as her daughter. It means you will have your own mother telling you about how it is the men’s right to look at you in any way they want, but it is your duty to be careful.

It means you can get aborted if your parents feel like it. It means your parents will bargain with your future-in-laws to get your price reduced as far as possible. It means your husband gets to decide whether you should have a job or not. It means you won’t be accepted in society if you decide to live a spinster for the rest of your life.

Yep. It means a lot to be an Indian woman of the 21st century.


3 thoughts on “Indian Woman of The 21st Century”

  1. Sad to say, but this is what the world does to a human being – for me a woman is foremost a human being! Your awareness, however, makes you strong. I know you will find your way and the solution to the dilemma – your personal one – which will influence and inspire others.

    Never give up… if you need a friend, I am one of those who is there and takes the time to care; Just ask the few good friends I have, female or male. It is not a must being a girl, I have time for boys as well – still in the category of human beings – often they need guidance and comfort, just as we girls do. I always remember that it is a female that raises males to be what they are 😦 sadly enough…

    1. It is my pleasure, Sandra! After all, you took the time to visit mine… time back… and I found the real time to get back, at last! Keep up the good work, and… all the best! 🙂 till next post… 🙂

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