Being Feminist

I do not know what it is about the word “Feminism”, but it seems to scare the hell out of people. It almost has the same effect that “Boo” had on little kids. I am not exaggerating. The moment I declare that I am a budding feminist, people’s eyes go wide and they gape for a minute or so, they cough and then ask me (almost in a whisper, mind you) “you are a fem..feminist?!” the moment I confirm the earlier said declaration, they acknowledge it with a nod and then straight away change the subject.

 I even had a phone conversation with my friend’s mum once. She was asking me about my syllabus and I told her that we are, presently studying Feminism and Feminist Literature in history. She immediately asked me: ” So, have you become a feminist?” the moment I confirmed the answer, she went on to lecture me about how I should never become a feminist, because it is a  Utopian ideologyI couldn’t say anything to that. Really.

Let me make something clear. Feminism is not about “hating men”. It is not about gaining rights to walk around shirtless “because” men get to do so. It is not about forcing your daughters, sisters and wives to get a job when they would rather be housewives. It is about treating them as equal rather the  other; treating them as  humans.  It is about taking their opinions and decisions into considerations when it comes to matters affecting their lives.

Like in any other belief systems, feminism has many ideologies that I can never agree to. But instead of picking all those ideologies, I ask of you all to think what it ultimately stands for. At the end of the day, Feminism does not stand for the rights of abortion but, for women’s equality.

I ask of you all to read about this movement and then form your own  judgments rather than branding it anti-social based on what society or your family has taught you. I was against feminism. And then I got to meet teachers and classmates who proved that being a feminist is not what I thought it is. And I am all the more grateful.


12 thoughts on “Being Feminist”

  1. I respect your view
    at the same time, You must look for the Dynamic Women sector of Budding India.
    There women don’t need such talks.
    Times have changed and i do agree there are still crimes going on and against women.
    Glad to see a Matured Feminist.

  2. There’s nothing wrong in being a feminist.. but I think we already are equal to men and we do get the same privilege as they do.. in most places more than them.. so sometimes I think we are being unfair to the guys..! 🙂 yes its about women’s liberation but I think we are already liberating.. so its good for us..! Good to see a budding feminist… way to go girl!! 🙂

  3. Sandra you are right to be a feminist!!!!! I am proud of you!!!! Ciao Sandra, hai ragione su tutta la linea, le donne hanno gli stessi diritti degli uomini, sia sul lavoro sia nella vita privata, almeno l’obiettivo è questo….
    saluti a tutti!
    valérie a Locarno

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