To Check Out or Not to Check Out , That is The Real Question

Back when I was in school, I used to keep changing my crushes every month. Finally towards the end of twelfth grade- when it was time to decide which college you wanted to go to, I selected the college that I’m studying in now because it’s a women’s college and not too far away from home (My parents and I have this deal that I will go outside Kerala for my P.G. course).While rooting for this college, all I could think was, hell no struggle of the whole-having-a-crush-on-somebody for three years!!! And trust me, it does have its own perks. And plus you don’t have to bother about appearing nice in front of your crush ‘coz hey, you don’t have one!!

Anyway, today I had to go to my college to collect my hall ticket- yes my 4th semester exams start this Tuesday. There were a whole bunch of guys who come for CAT coaching held in our college on Saturdays, in front of our department. Really cute guys.Me and my friends had to pass these people to and fro our department. Those 10 seconds (1 minute max) were the best seconds of my life. All their eyes were on us 😀 and the embarrassing part was, we were all blushing. We tried in vain, to pretend to be in deep conversation; that we didn’t care about them watching us. But we gloriously failed. We shamelessly checked them out. We blushed, giggled, stammered… hell!! we behaved as if we were seeing members of the darker sex for the first time ever since we were born. But we loved it!!! I mean can any girl studying in a co-ed college ever have an experience like this? Never. My friend even said “sheesh, imagine if we had  mini skirts on !!!” 😀

I say it is a nice experience to ogle and be ogled at, by the members of the darker sex once in a while- as long as it does not become a habit.


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