Fair is Foul – Foul is Fair.

It just struck me today that fairy tales are not all that sweet and romantic as I thought them to be. If you think about it, they have ALWAYS been about the beautiful ladies and the dashing and handsome men. We have the beast who becomes handsome the moment his lady love says “I love you”. The frog turns into a handsome prince the minute (or should I say second?) the princess kisses him. When Rapunzel cries on him, he regains his sight.Mind you, in all these cases the imperfect/ugly person is ALWAYS the male. We never have a guy falling for a she-beast, a she-frog or or a blind woman.You might point out the Shrek story to me, but again, BOTH of them are ugly and huge. It was  never a case of Fiona being ugly. She chose to be ugly.

If at all an ugly woman is mentioned, she is the witch or the evil twin,sister,step-mother etc. Never, ever do we find a woman who does not look good BUT, who is good at heart. A person’s worth is in proportion to their looks – so says the fairy tales. Also a man never even finds it in him to look beyond looks. We would never find a man who would say the “I love you” to a beast woman; a prince will never kiss a frog and turn her beautiful. And WHY couldn’t any of those women be happy with how their men were? Why did they find it necessary to change their looks? Doesn’t that tell us something about these fair ladies? The more I think about these things, the more irritated I get.I think it is HIGH time we reconstructed these things and tell our kids stories with something more in it. That love shouldn’t  just be about just looks.That it’s okay not to be pretty or handsome.

I mean, give us the-not-so-pretty-or handsome people a freaking chance for GOD’S SAKE!!!


7 thoughts on “Fair is Foul – Foul is Fair.”

  1. Sandra!!! Double thumps up for you girl! Its true, you really cant expect people to see beyond looks when they are trained to look only for beauty right from when they are kids! I really loved reading it and I will definitely have this in my mind when I read stories to my kids(whenever I have them that is).

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