Who Cares?!

After having published 102 articles in this blog, it got me thinking, why do I blog so much? I mean 3/4th of the articles in this site are about MY life, MY feelings and MY thoughts. I mean who cares?! I don’t know about everyone, but whenever I publish a post in this blog, I go like, “wow Sandra! This is great! no one, ABSOLUTELY no one, could have come up with something like that.” But today it dawned on me that, all these articles the 102 of them that there are, only mean the world to me and me alone. For everyone else, its just an article that someone in some corner of the world wrote. Hey!! I’m not gonna stop writing just because YOU don’t care. I’m just saying that I realized that I’ve gotta keep myself from writing so much about myself.


Dream of Beating Me? Wake Up and Apologize!!!

Yesterday, I had one of my lecturers tell some rude comment about me in front of the whole class. It hurt me a lot then, it hurts me now. I even let that comment spoil one whole day by being depressed, hating the whole world, swearing furiously every five minutes ( I swear like a pirate!). One whole day that I’m never, ever gonna get back. Right now I realize that I have let this lecturer ( a pathetic excuse for teacher, I have to say) win. Her motive was to break me, to fuel up my inferiority complex and I let her succeed.

But now, that I have come to my senses (the little that it is,) I have decided to let go. No one or nothing has the power to spoil or make my day unless I give them the power. I let the person control my life and mood for one day and that’s it. This person does not even deserve a minute in my thoughts even through the reminiscence of the rude comment they made. The fact that the person will never have the respect that I once had for them remains true, but other than that, I’m completely over it.

The following quote by Muhammad Ali has become my motto:

“If you even  dream about beating me, you better wake up and apologize.”