Dream of Beating Me? Wake Up and Apologize!!!

Yesterday, I had one of my lecturers tell some rude comment about me in front of the whole class. It hurt me a lot then, it hurts me now. I even let that comment spoil one whole day by being depressed, hating the whole world, swearing furiously every five minutes ( I swear like a pirate!). One whole day that I’m never, ever gonna get back. Right now I realize that I have let this lecturer ( a pathetic excuse for teacher, I have to say) win. Her motive was to break me, to fuel up my inferiority complex and I let her succeed.

But now, that I have come to my senses (the little that it is,) I have decided to let go. No one or nothing has the power to spoil or make my day unless I give them the power. I let the person control my life and mood for one day and that’s it. This person does not even deserve a minute in my thoughts even through the reminiscence of the rude comment they made. The fact that the person will never have the respect that I once had for them remains true, but other than that, I’m completely over it.

The following quote by Muhammad Ali has become my motto:

“If you even  dream about beating me, you better wake up and apologize.”


So... what do you think?

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