Who Cares?!

After having published 102 articles in this blog, it got me thinking, why do I blog so much? I mean 3/4th of the articles in this site are about MY life, MY feelings and MY thoughts. I mean who cares?! I don’t know about everyone, but whenever I publish a post in this blog, I go like, “wow Sandra! This is great! no one, ABSOLUTELY no one, could have come up with something like that.” But today it dawned on me that, all these articles the 102 of them that there are, only mean the world to me and me alone. For everyone else, its just an article that someone in some corner of the world wrote. Hey!! I’m not gonna stop writing just because YOU don’t care. I’m just saying that I realized that I’ve gotta keep myself from writing so much about myself.


2 thoughts on “Who Cares?!”

  1. But I care! Sandra. Così posso conoscerti meglio adesso che sei adulta!
    take care valérie from Locarno

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