Accept As Is

I just had an epiphany. No matter how deep, your love for some people is, sometimes it is just not enough. By people I don’t mean “lovers” alone; they could be your friends, parents, siblings.. anyone.  But this is not the pathetic part of it all. The pathetic thing is that in spite of it all, you still hope for that moment when things will change; when your love is returned even if it is tossed out to you like a bread crumb. Well sweetheart, wake up!! I’m not telling you to move on. I’m not telling you to stop loving  people. But I want you to stop hoping whatever it is that you are hoping. Get real. That is all I’m asking from you. Don’t ever expect your love to be returned. Do this one thing, and you will be a happier person. Accept as is. 


One thought on “Accept As Is”

  1. Sandra,we cannot take decisions on behalf of others & first & foremost whatever we do..even loving anyone or set of people unconditionally , is nothing but our selfishness(we are happy about giving unconditional love to him/her/them).Its all about our happiness . We get sad when we do not get expected return of love from someone . why ? again its about our happiness which we expected from the love in return. The idea is simple, accept people the way they are, from within.. that will eradicate pain from ur life… accept ur surroundings unconditionally only then ur thought process would be rational and so would ur actions be …Half our lives we spend in search of true love around & half preserving , fighting for or suffering from self-termed love…its self love which teaches us true love & true love is no expectation and no expectation is no pain ..only contentment …. sense of supremacy . Nice post !

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